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"There's another one coming up," Captain Todd pointed
out, "not fifteen months off/'

"Not for me," and the Senator, still smiling, shook his
head. " I hope I can do more good here than in Washing-
ton, here with the Association. Here's where the fight is."
But the smile, though not fading from his face, no longer
seemed, at least to Mr. Munn, who regarded him closely, the
true token of ease and geniality. And then the smile itself
faded, while the Senator raised his glance, which was cold
and abstract now, to the blank brick wall visible beyond the
single window. Captain Todd did not seem to notice, Mr.
Munn thought; but then you could never tell what Captain
Todd noticed, for he was always the same behind his neat
beard, always with the same poise and amiable gravity. No,
you couldn't tell about Captain Todd, or for that matter
about anybody, about the Senator. There was no telling
what made his smile fade that way and his eyes withdraw
and fix upon that blank, sunlit wall across the alley.

But the negro boy had come back with the ice and the
pitcher and the whisky, and the Senator, now smiling again,
and again one of them, was pouring the liquor. He added,
ice and a little water to each glass, and with a slightly cere-
monious air offered drinks to the Captain and to Mr. Munn.
Then he raised his own glass and called, " To the Association
and our prosperity!"

The others raised their glasses, and then drank. Then
they sat without speaking for a little, as though to relish the
first flush of the liquor. The Senator drained his glass, and
replenished it. "It's hot in here," he said.

"Pretty hot," Captain Todd agreed, "but it's better than
most folks got today. At least we'll eat. A lot of empty
bellies will growl this afternoon."

"There must be twenty thousand people in town," the
Senator said. "Nobody expected that many. The town
hasn't made preparation."

"More'n that," Captain Todd declared. "They were mov-
ing in all day yesterday, they say. All yesterday afternoon I